Friday, November 5, 2010

Macy's Heart of Haiti: Shopping with a Purpose

Wouldn't it be easier to swipe your credit card if you knew part of the cost of your purchase was going to a good cause? I know I'd be much more likely to buy something if I knew my funds were doing some good elsewhere (rather than just looking good on my feet, wrists, torso, etc.)

That's why I am a huge fan of the Heart of Haiti home decor line, now available at Macy's. The line is part of a "Trade Not Aid" initiative that Brandaid and Fairwinds Trading presented to Macy's in an effort to help build Haiti's economy after the devastating earthquake that shook the nation on January 12, 2010. Handcrafted by several hundred artisans in Haiti, the items are as colorful and as inspiring as the folks who make them.

This artist works showcases a papier mache house he built, with precision, for the Macy's Heart of Haiti line

The line features items like picture frames, mirrors, decorative bowls, serving trays and vases made of materials unique to Haitian art like metal, papier mache and quilting. By selling the line at Macy's, Heart of Haiti creates opportunities for Haitian artisans to earn money with dignity and bring in life-changing income for themselves, their families, and their communities - helping to clothe families, repair damaged homes and improve education.

A few pieces from the line including a Steel Picture Frame, $25; Pot Holder and Oven Mitt, $25; Serving Tray, $35

Personally, I think these are the best possible holiday gifts one could buy for family, co-workers, teachers, and any other meaningful, influential and inspiring people in your life. And since most items are less than $100, you can provide your loved ones with special gifts at home and change lives in Haiti. And now with Hurricane Tomas beating down on Haiti, the least we can do to help them recover from these natural disasters is buy some beautiful housewares.

If you'd like to support the Heart of Haiti line, join in the conversation on Twitter by following @HeartofHaiti or liking the Heart of Haiti Facebook page. Shop the line online at Macy's or in 25 stores across the country.

Note: I have been working as a part of the EVERYWHERE team to create awareness about the Heart of Haiti line, but the thoughts and opinions expressed above are solely my own.


  1. Genna, it is so great to have your *heart* and spirit on board with HeartofHaiti ~ thank you!!

  2. Thank you Willa for your dedication to helping people and making the world a much more beautiful place. It's an honor to work with you!

  3. Wonderful to have amazing gifts for the holiday season that means so much!