Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Cream of the Crop

Lucky for me, I am a child of the 80's (and lucky for me, the hair straightener was invented right around the time I reached high school in the 90's - SCORE). Also lucky for me, this means my survival depended on "Growing Pains," a young Jonathan Brandis to pine after & a frizzy-haired Sarah Jessica Parker to look up to. You see, before she was Carrie Bradshaw, she was Janey Glenn in the greatest move of all time "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" (tied with "Adventures in Babysitting" of course).
In the movie, SJP's style starts off as "Catholic-school girl" and morphs into "DanceTV badass" as noted in the photo above (MAN, I wish you could see the white lace-up ankle boots she has on under those jumpin' legs...CLASSIC). The cropped tee not only highlighted her rockin' abs, but it also helped convince the audience that she was a rebel indeed! Inspiring? I think so! But first things first.
JUST SAY NO to anything too cropped. Home girl looks like she lost half of her top on the way to the photo shoot. Keep the length G rated, adding a loose tank underneath if you're feeling overexposed.
(L to R: Alternative Apparel Molly Crop Burnout Rolled Sleeve Tee, $42; Urban Outfitters Nom de Plume YaYa Crop Top, $29.99; C&C California Twist Crop Striped Tee, $54)

Get the looks above, and you're automatically lookin' casually cool. But don't let your top influence your bottom, if you know what I mean. Keep the hem lines longer down there by wearing some skinny jeans or a just-above-the-knee length pencil skirt.

Furthermore, I think the crop top is perfect concert-wear. I'd rock the following outfit (for under $100 combined!) to the My Morning Jacket show in Chastain Park April 23! Click to enlarge!
I'd pair my Blank Denim straight leg jeans, similar to these Forever21 Neon Stitch Straight Jeans ($29.80) with this cropped Forever21 Ditsy Floral Silk Tank ($22.80 and LOVING the zipper)! These Ecote Macrame Slingback Sandals from Urban Outfitters ($28) are strangely similar to some I have by Seychelles, and I'll accessorize by mixing prints and popping some color with this Third Rose from the Sun Scarf from ModCloth. At $15.99, that rounds out or outfit at $96.50. Just enough for a PBR from the concessions stand!

*Perk! From now until March 8, take 15% off Alternative Apparel's weekend faves collection. Get to it here and use code CWS211 for the deal!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

It's All About the "Monet"*

*I was going to call this entry "I Be Strokin'" but a) I wasn't sure you'd get the Clarence Carter reference and b) I wasn't sure you'd find it appropriate...carry on!

I could sit here and lecture all of us on how I think fashion is art, Lady Gaga is a genius and Alexander McQueen's (R.I.P.) wedge platforms(?) are aesthetically, "like, aaaaaaamazing." But truth be told, I don't believe any of that (Gaga a groundbreaker? Helloooooo, does anyone remember Bjork?)...save the "fashion is art" part, there are some trends and icons that I find more on the "loco" than "lustful" side. But when clothing is inspired by art, not imitating it, that's when I find articles to be the most beautiful and swoon-worthy.

Take the watercolor trend for example...whistful prints of flowers and leaves become the canvas to creating the perfect outfit. I'll leave painted prints on my bottom half to Agness Deyn; otherwise, I might as well carry a boombox blaring Sir Mix-A-Lot's "I Like Big Butts" wherever I go...

(L to R: Urban Outfitters Heartbreaker Painted Floral Tank, $9.99; Love21 Water Painted Floral Top,$17.80; Anthropologie Brushwork Blooms Cardigan, $69.99)

I'd rock these tops with skinny jeans and platform wedges for now (white jeans with sandals the weather gets warmer), and I'd pair each item with a somewhat tough accessory to avoid looking too much like the "Golden Girls" #1 fan. Par example...
(L to R, clockwise: Harlow Sandals, $39.95; Urban Outfitters Hard Candy Sunglasses, $10; TopShop Dome Stud Skinny Best, $40)

Layer a gauzy deep-hued eggplant, kelp green or metal gray cardigan over any watercolor prints for those chilly nights, and see how many peeps start asking for digits to your exhibit!

Thursday, February 11, 2010



I am so excited about today's post, mainly because it has to do with a scrumptious little necklace that is on its way to me via brown (a.k.a. UPS). Well in fact, it's no "little" necklace at all. Allow me to explain...it's a mass of balls. Ok, that didn't help either. Why don't I just SHOW you the thing.
As I've explained before, statement necklaces are everything to me seeing that I can't adorn my ears that often (though the occasional sturdy, SOMEWHAT ouchless clip-on does come my way once in a blue moon). I just snagged this Leslie Danzis Textured Disc Bib Necklace off Gilt Fuse for $11. That's right - a Hamilton and a Washington, peeps. Original price - $70, Gilt Fuse Price - $30, Gilt Credit - $25, total with shipping, $11. Sorry, I like to talk in short, intermittent phrases when I get pumped.

If the above necklace is too bubbly for you, just feast your eyes on some of her other confections that might tickle your pickle:
(L to R: Beaded Chain & Fringe Necklace, reg. $100, Gilt price $42; Braid Bracelet, reg. $72, Gilt price $26; Ball & Chain Earrings, reg. $55, Gilt price $18)

And it's back to basics as I plan to rock my new necklace with my fave boatneck top, currently on sale at Alternative Apparel for $14.99.
With prices these good, you can afford to splurge on a new pair of Blank Jeans from Priceline or some Seychelles dancin' shoes from SoleStruck! Have at 'em!

Monday, February 8, 2010

100andSouth Classy-fieds

As I have expressed to y'all many times, Gilt Groupe is a bit of an obsession for me. I write down the best sales in my planner so that I won't forget them and make absolutely CERTAIN I'm at my computer at 11:58AM (the trick is just keep re-loading the page until the sales pop up, but I digress...) But recently, one of my buys (which was an extremely well thought-out, non-impulse buy I might add)...well...bit me in the ass to put it delicately.

Below is an absolutely gorgeous size 4 Tibi cocktail dress..."tribal" inspired beading creating an empire waist-line, 2 layers of chiffon fabric, tags still intact. A fabulous find indeed, but sadly it does not fit and cannot be altered. I desperately need to sell it, so in true 100andsouth fashion, I'd like to offer it to any of you lovely ladies (or men if that's your thing...I won't tell) for $40. And I will pay for the shipping! Let me know if you have any interest by emailing me at gennasharris@gmail.com ...happy Monday!