Tuesday, February 16, 2010

It's All About the "Monet"*

*I was going to call this entry "I Be Strokin'" but a) I wasn't sure you'd get the Clarence Carter reference and b) I wasn't sure you'd find it appropriate...carry on!

I could sit here and lecture all of us on how I think fashion is art, Lady Gaga is a genius and Alexander McQueen's (R.I.P.) wedge platforms(?) are aesthetically, "like, aaaaaaamazing." But truth be told, I don't believe any of that (Gaga a groundbreaker? Helloooooo, does anyone remember Bjork?)...save the "fashion is art" part, there are some trends and icons that I find more on the "loco" than "lustful" side. But when clothing is inspired by art, not imitating it, that's when I find articles to be the most beautiful and swoon-worthy.

Take the watercolor trend for example...whistful prints of flowers and leaves become the canvas to creating the perfect outfit. I'll leave painted prints on my bottom half to Agness Deyn; otherwise, I might as well carry a boombox blaring Sir Mix-A-Lot's "I Like Big Butts" wherever I go...

(L to R: Urban Outfitters Heartbreaker Painted Floral Tank, $9.99; Love21 Water Painted Floral Top,$17.80; Anthropologie Brushwork Blooms Cardigan, $69.99)

I'd rock these tops with skinny jeans and platform wedges for now (white jeans with sandals the weather gets warmer), and I'd pair each item with a somewhat tough accessory to avoid looking too much like the "Golden Girls" #1 fan. Par example...
(L to R, clockwise: Harlow Sandals, $39.95; Urban Outfitters Hard Candy Sunglasses, $10; TopShop Dome Stud Skinny Best, $40)

Layer a gauzy deep-hued eggplant, kelp green or metal gray cardigan over any watercolor prints for those chilly nights, and see how many peeps start asking for digits to your exhibit!

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