Thursday, February 11, 2010



I am so excited about today's post, mainly because it has to do with a scrumptious little necklace that is on its way to me via brown (a.k.a. UPS). Well in fact, it's no "little" necklace at all. Allow me to's a mass of balls. Ok, that didn't help either. Why don't I just SHOW you the thing.
As I've explained before, statement necklaces are everything to me seeing that I can't adorn my ears that often (though the occasional sturdy, SOMEWHAT ouchless clip-on does come my way once in a blue moon). I just snagged this Leslie Danzis Textured Disc Bib Necklace off Gilt Fuse for $11. That's right - a Hamilton and a Washington, peeps. Original price - $70, Gilt Fuse Price - $30, Gilt Credit - $25, total with shipping, $11. Sorry, I like to talk in short, intermittent phrases when I get pumped.

If the above necklace is too bubbly for you, just feast your eyes on some of her other confections that might tickle your pickle:
(L to R: Beaded Chain & Fringe Necklace, reg. $100, Gilt price $42; Braid Bracelet, reg. $72, Gilt price $26; Ball & Chain Earrings, reg. $55, Gilt price $18)

And it's back to basics as I plan to rock my new necklace with my fave boatneck top, currently on sale at Alternative Apparel for $14.99.
With prices these good, you can afford to splurge on a new pair of Blank Jeans from Priceline or some Seychelles dancin' shoes from SoleStruck! Have at 'em!


  1. This necklace is hot! I just love it, and I'm all about statement pieces too! :D Cheers to such a find! I'm envious, girl!

    BTW, I missed the scoop with your ears. I'd love to hear why you can't sport earrings... I LOVE LOVE LOVE earrings, but I can't sport the big ones myself. I refuse to wear any earrings that pull on my lobes (I say ICK to earring slots... If the hole starts to turn into a line, I'm out), and it doesn't take much weight for that to happen.

    BTW, in the next seven months toward my walk down the aisle, you've been an inspiration during my engagement reminding me to express how joyful I am, in a cute way, with style and big, bold me-ness! Thanks!

  2. Ashley that is fantastic! Thank you so much for the encouragement...I wasn't sure if anyone else was reading this besides me. Hahaha! Scoop on my ears -- it's in an earlier post, but basically, I had them pierced twice as a child and could not maintain them! So they've holed lobes are filled with scar tissue...and I only wear clip ons now! Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! So exciting!!!