Monday, November 30, 2009

Put Your Best Face Forward

Cameos have always been super intriguing to me. Just who ARE these regal-looking people we are wearing on our necks and ears and fingers? My first cameo was given to me about 7 years ago, around the time I graduated from high school. It was passed down to me by my great-Grandpa George, and I just love the mix of masculinity (gold contrasted with tigers-eye) and femininity (the delicate bow on the side).
Furthermore, I love that this ring (like most cameos) represents a deep connection to and appreciation for family. And what could be more fashionable than that?

On the comical side, I'd love to wear a cameo on the red carpet one day. When Joan Rivers asks me "Who are you wearing?", I could say "Great Aunt Bessie!"

If you want in on this timeless trend, make a cameo appearance at where it's a must to buy these busts. Just typing in "cameo" in the vintage search gave me 90 pages worth of results!

(Above, Left to Right: calloohcallay's Vintage Italian Cameo Brooch, $32.30; shadypast's 1940's Cameo Locket Pendant, $30; annablair's Three Dancing Ladies Necklace, $22. Click to enlarge!)
If you're a multi-tasker, check out this perfume locket from Anthropologie ($78, above). It comes with a solid scent of spicy ambrosia inside its glamorous hinges. Smells like the perfect Christmas gift to me!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Give Rainy Days "the Boot"!

Believe it or not, I have an "outdoorsy" side equally as large (if not larger) than my "fashionista" side (and I'm not even sure I can call myself that, but for lack of a synonym, I'll stick to it). So when I roll out of bed looking like Molly Shannon's impersonation of Courtney Love and see those few drops of rain chilling on my windowpane, I say a little flem-coated "woo hoo!" and head for my closet to merge my two personalities. No, I don't always lace up my black Laura Croft-looking REI boots, and no, I don't always zip up my high tech Arc'teryx softshell and head for the Smokies to go hiking. But I do find my middle ground, where function meets form, and I embrace the usefulness of a good raincoat.
I wouldn't mind rocking this $89.99 London Fog trench, maybe with a skinny belt over top so I don't look too much like Grandma?
Or maybe try out this extremely useful trench from Forever 21 for $29.80. So what if it doesn't have a hood? Splurge on a cutesy umbrella, and hit the streets!

Finally, perhaps your best bet when it's wet is a sturdy pair of rain boots to protect those tootsies! Whether you're looking for something just to compliment your outfit or to be the centerpiece of your ensemble, you'll find no shortage of affordable rain boots by poking around online.
Go English-countryside classic with a pair of $79.99 Hunter boots (reg. $115)...found 'em for a steal at!

Rain boots that boost! I think these Jeffrey Campbell wedge heel rain boots for $64.95 would be super sleek when it's slick.
Finally, Jeffrey Campbell does it again with these funky, over-the-knee boots ($64.90), sure to be the start of every conversation! Call me crazy, but if you sport these, you might even look forward to a dreary day!

*Perk! Get 10% off all regularly priced items at, where you can find tons of cute rain boots, most for less than $100. Just enter coupon code "thanks" to receive your discount!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A Sassy "Sequins" of Events...

If we were playing a word association game a year ago and the word "sequins" came up, my immediate response might have been "DANCING WITH THE STARS"! But you don't have to be a has-been teen witch TV actress or someone who has made your fortune by releasing a sex tape to rock this trend anymore! The best part of this bling thing is that you can take it as little or as far as you want, staying true to yourself and your own sense of style (and that's rule #1 in my book)!Take this $78 Free People sequin mini no way would you ever find me walking down the streets of Midtown in this get-up. If I was standing on the corner of Piedmont & 10th waiting to cross the sidewalk, people 'round here might get the wrong impression.
BUT! If paired with a long black cardi ($39.50,, chunked up grey tights ($12, and some mid-calf booties ($36.99,, you will avoid looking like you jumped out of the flapper episode of "Gossip Girl."
Also, if you're feeling like sequins can be a little too loud, consider layering your them underneath something sheer to create a peek-a-boo effect, as demonstrated here with a $64 BB Dakota silver blouse (underneath) & a $78 Kensie sleeveless chiffon blouse (on top), available at Sonny B in Wilmington (these brands can also be found at and if you're viewing from afar...which would be amazing and would mean that you found this blog on your own and not because I sent out a mass email to everyone I know).

*Perk! Sweaters and hoodies (like the cardigan featured) are buy one get one half off at you no longer have to feel guilty about buying one for you and one for your sister for Christmas!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Not Too Shabby!

Thank you, Craigslist.

You've helped me sell jeans that no longer fit (dang it)'ve helped me avoid work by looking at the missed connections in every city I've lived in (admit it, you're guilty too)...and just when I thought your 1992-looking face couldn't get any sweeter, you brought me Laura Whitlow.

While searching for some well-priced, "shabby chic" furniture, I came across Laura's ad, which linked to her website "Rethunk Junk" (the name is just as adorable as she is). We struck up a friendship after we discovered we share interests in money-saving, Anthropologie knobs and sarcasm.

(me and the Rethunk Junkie, Laura!)

After visiting her lovely home (and super cute family of 7!), Clark & I came away with quite a few steals (I have always wanted to use the term "embarrassment of riches" but something about that sounds...embarrassing), with each thoughtfully-distressed piece averaging right around $50, like this bedside table. I can hear the drool drippin'.
The shabby chic look has always appealed to me...I suppose its my love for vintage goods combined with an adoration for countryside living. Here are a few pieces to help you go from drab to fab & shabby chic!
$24 Picture Frame, available at impulseART's Etsy store (for all your favorite Chapel Hill memories, perhaps).
Finally, I just love this $33.50 Mason jar Wall Organizer/Bud Vase combo from Post Road Vintage's store on Etsy. Chic, creative and affordable = recipe for my affection.

*Perk! Get free shipping on your shabby chic findings at Target when you spend $50 or more!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Locket to Me...

I believe there is something so special and sincere about a beautiful locket. Vintage lockets, by nature, must come with a story, and it is up to us to concoct such tales in our head should we not know the history of such a treasure. Lockets remind me of a slower time when all you had was your man's photo while he was cell phone calls, no texting, no emailing. You could whisper your thoughts into the open clasp, shut your eyes tightly and just "know" he heard you.

The locket I wear frequently (seen above) came from my Grandma Ginny, for whom I am named. There is something so comforting and familiar to me when I hear that "click" of the locket, so soothing and serene.

I wish to share this simple pleasure and treasure with you today, as I feature the following affordable lockets. Below we have a $24 locket with the central filigree, reminiscent of a Celtic symbol, thoughtfully placed on top of a dime:
Looking for a more dainty, feminine look? Urban Outfitters offers this intricate bird and jewel combo to store all your secrets in for $24 as well (loving the detail of the nose-to-nose birdies!):
Not all lockets have to be round as we see with this tiny notebook-esque locket, hailing from NewFashionWhisper's shop on Etsy, and it's only a cool $27 to have and to hold.

Behold this Slane & Slane-rivaling bumblebee locket for $30, available at verabel's Etsy store. This vendor carries an array of lockets, so please entertain yourself and "lock one down" as you simply need such a timeless treasure!
Finally, you'll be able to tell the time AND turn heads by sporting this totally multi-functional avian accent piece, complete with decorated facade and an interior watch. It's like the Swiss Army knife of lockets! Available at for $22:

(and the inside, below)

These fabulous and inexpensive finds also make great presents as the holidays approach. Fill the inside with a photo or two of something you know your recipient will love: her dog, cat, car, bike, etc.!

*Perk! All items on are 30% off until midnight tonight; so get hoppin' and start shoppin' - for less!

Inspiration, Move Me Plaidly...

The look on Etsy with the vintage skirt (see 2nd post) totally inspired my outfit for last night's outing at Cellar 56 in Buckhead. I paired a $39.99 Tulle Skirt with a last season $10 Old Navy Belt, a $42 Adam by Adam Lippes Tee (which I bought on sale for $26) , an old $25 cardigan with velvet trim from Delia's, tights from TJ Maxx and my fave Seychelles booties. Paired it with my Grandma Ginny's vintage locket, and I'm outski!

Thursday, November 12, 2009


Velvet is like that bitchy "sort of" best friend you had in 7th grade. Sometimes she is there for you: shopping at Golden East Mall with you, eating endless slices at Pizza Inn with you, cheering the high schoolers on at a Friday night basketball game with you. And then POOF! She disappears from your hip! And then she won't talk to you when you pass her in the hallway...and she tells all your friends you have B.O.

Luckily, I never had a friend like that, but I feel like velvet is one of those trends that is never here for long, so I do not suggest spending gobs on money on it (unless it is on the interior of a finely tailored coat)!

I found this skirt for $19 at a vintage store at 900 Peachtree St. NE in Midtown called My My My Boutique. It has a slight snakeskin print emblazoned in its softness...combining granny material with gritty fierceness (click the photo below for a better view). Grrr! I will wear it with sweet silk tops and drapey necklaces (which I am sure to buy about 109334 from this boutique before the clock strikes 2010). Featured here are Seychelles booties (which I bought for $94, true to my "100andSouth" philosophy!), a $50 necklace by Lucie (no longer in production) and a $10 vintage clutch.

If you're looking to spend on this trend, look to further than for this $50 stunner by Theme, a brand I am seriously loving after discovering it at Sonny B in Wilmington, NC.
No need to pair her with chunky necklaces like I certainly will do for my skirt. Instead, this look is all about the right cuff bracelet to make those gold buttons pop (oh dear, not literally)! Look no further than Buttons 'n Such's shop on Etsy for something like this $15 thick trick to bring out the bling:

Leave me some comments letting me know what shoes you'd pair with the navy Theme dress. I'm thinking grey tights with dark grey heels could only enhance this look. What do you think?

*Perk! Get this Banana Republic Velvet Tee Shirt dress for $92.40 (without tax, regularly $132) when you email me! BR, along with Gap and Old Navy, are offering 30% off in-store with the Give & Get Program. If you don't receive emails from these three powerhouses, holler at me, and I'll send you the e-coupon! Offer only lasts 'til Nov. 15!

Plaid to Meet You!

To me, nothing screams "Winter is approaching!" like a nice plaid ensemble. I'm not talking head-to-toe plaid (synonymous with "denim on denim"). I'm talking a perky piece to one-up that black skirt you own and have been wearing to church every Sunday since you were a junior in college (no doubt that black skirt is 100% awesome, but variety is the spice of life, non?)

Enter the plaid skirt (or jacket...or tights...what have you). Let me introduce a put-together piece via the doresvintage store at

The skirt is for sale for $34, and you can purchase by clicking the link above if you wish! Here we have two items you are sure to own already: a grey tee and some brown boots. Instead of wearing those two items with a pair of jeans, try mixing it up with a pair of $12.50 grey tights from, which, if you are like me, is not something you already own. Maybe add a knit cap on sale at Anthropologie for $14.95 to look like you "made an effort" (ask my sister about is my mantra when going to any dressed-up public event). So there ya have it: a fab fall-into-winter ensemble combining things you already have and about $62 worth of stuff ya don't.

*Perk! I don't want to sell out Lucky Magazine, but if you have the issue with Carrie Underwood on the cover, turn to page 232 to find a deal for real on this sure-to-stun shearling find by BB Dakota (regularly priced at $75), available at Fred Flare.

Shake Ya Tail Feather

What do I love more than jewelry? AFFORDABLE jewelry! It's easy to covet a classic Tank Cartier timepiece, a one-of-a-kind Fred Leighton find or a simple (but statement-making) pair of Chanel logo earrings. We see these things all the time in magazines: on the lobes of loaded starlets, on the pinky rings of party-hoppin' socialites and so forth. But I must be honest and say nothing pleases me more than finding a perfect, reconstructed (or possibly left alone) vintage piece in a flea market, thrift store or perhaps on Take this piece by Macon, GA-dwelling designer, Susannah Cox. Her line "goods" can be found on Etsy, and it features her signature wire-wrapped twists and turns combined with vintage charms to create funked-up feathery confections.

Pair this chest-length $37 steal with a $28 soft & slouchy tee from Alternative Apparel , your favorite skinny jeans and flats (or boots if you're feelin' woodsy), and you've got yourself an outfit for $65. These days, it's all about punching up what you already have to piece together the perfect ensemble.

* Perk! Alternative Apparel is offering free shipping on all orders (with no minimum purchase required) until 12/17/09, so hop to it and get yourself this look for less!