Friday, January 29, 2010

Equestrian Chic: "Bits" and Pieces

Last week, Clark and I visited the High Museum in Atlanta to explore the Leonardo Da Vinci "Hand of Genuis" exhibit. Before our visit, I knew of da Vinci as the inventor, the astronomer, the musician, the writer and most prominently the artist...the creator of most famous works like The Last Supper and the Mona Lisa. But I was surprised to learn that da Vinci had a passion for sketching horses and longed to created life-sized (some larger than life!) brass monuments of these gorgeous animals.

(A Horse in Profile to the Right and Its Fore-Legs, da Vinci)

In my eyes, there is no more beautiful a mammal than a horse (pups are a close second). I can't help but be in awe of their taut muscles, fluid movements and shiny coat. Don't worry - I'm not gonna go all "Daniel-Radcliffe-in-Equus" style on you. But I will incorporate style into this discussion and show you how to gallop your way towards to sleek look.

In my opinion, creating a good outfit is like beginning a long night of drinking - you've got to establish a good base (for the latter, I vote pizza). So commence your haute-horsing around by adding these Kerrits Equestrian Fashion EcoTights into your wardrobe (shown in "earth" color). I've been told they are great for cold weather climates as they keep you super warm AND better yet - they help suck in your tummy! And at $79, you can still afford to accessorize! To complete my look, I'd pair my grey suede boots with the following.

Start with this Tulle Belted Plaid Tunic, a $40 money-saver from the start because a) you don't have to pay an extra cent to sinch - belt included! and b) you'll wear this top into the spring with casual badass shorts and your fave flat strappy sandals. For now, I'd grab this Forever21 Studded Shoulder Purse, fashionably priced at $14.80 (totalling my saddlebags to three...oopsie!) and finally just a peek of this turquoise Urban Outfitter's Men's Leather Wrap Bracelet ($12) to flaunt some unexpected color.

*PERK! Spend $40 or more at and get 10% off when you use code ILOVEF21. Saddle up and start savin'!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Match (LA) Made in Heaven!

Forgive my lack of posts lately. 100andsouth has been "100andtired" after working 5 long days at the AmericasMart here in ATL. About 4 times a year, the Mart hosts an apparel market where buyers from boutiques across the southeast come and pick out the items they will carry in their stores. My dear friend Elizabeth hooked me up with a position in the Michael & Paula Hyman Showroom, selling Trinity Organic Clothing (as well as Verdier Contemporary Jewelry) to various shop owners. See whadda mean?

(Trinity Organic Silk Floral Print Blouse: $59 at Velvet Hanger)
(Verdier Contemporary Vintage Elements Necklace, available only in stores)

The Hyman showroom carries young contemporary (not to mention very reasonably priced) brands such as Free People, Spanx & Tulle. One brand I discovered and fell in love with in the showroom is a super-casual, California-cool line called LA Made. These laid-back pieces just scream "celeb off duty!"

(L to R: LA Made Donna Belted Dress in Night, $68; LA Made Kellie Blazer in Smoke, $79; LA Made Lark Top in Sunset, $44)

Though these buzzworthy basics are already well under $100, I have even more tasty news for you. Use code FBFAN5055 on your order at Revolve Clothing and receive 20% off your entire order! Order your items now to wear with chunky cardigans and leggings or later with cut off shorts, and send me your success stories! Ta ta for now!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Be "Stila" My Heart!

Stila cosmetics is having a major sale on their already well-priced gift sets. I just snagged the $120 Bronzed Glow Set (a $120 value) for $15!
(L to R: Rose Gold Illuminating Finishing Powder, Bronze Glow Baked Eye Shadow Trio, Shade 1 SPF 15 Bronzer, Citrus Mint Plumping Lip Glaze)

Not begging for bronze? How about this one-stop-shop clutch that will totally transform your eyes and lips, a $125 value for $28.50!

(L to R: Marigold Convertible Color Duo, Palm Peach Mini Lip Glaze, Golden Noir Smudge Pot Eyeliner (with 24kt gold shimmer...are you kidding me!?), Oasis Eyeshadow

Nothing makes me feel more glamorous than a) a new (f'in!) haircut and b) new makeup. If you're feeling the need for change, you can do both and still come in under 100andsouth! Lemme know how it goes!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Some Like It Haute

You've heard of Gilt Groupe & RueLaLa, but have you heard of HauteLook? They offer fantastic daily sales, serving up accessories, clothing, make-up and more for a fraction of full price (we're talking up to 90% off). Find your way to fabulous frugality by clicking this link! Happy hunting!

(L to R: Maya Brenners Vermeil Victorian Pendant, $26.25; Heather Hawkins Stingray Mirage Bracelet, $66; Zoa Double Layer Tank, $49)

Monday, January 11, 2010

Cool Jewels

Confession: I want to wear mustard...BADLY. I see it smothered on Leighton Meester's flawless bod, and I dreamily utter a Liz Lemon-inspired "I want to go to there." But alas, when worn against my skin tone, mustard makes me look like my neck thew up. I just can't seem to pull it off! So I look to other jewel tones to help get the job done...and I use the old adage of "Never match the color of your eyeshadow with the color of your dress"...well, sorta...when pairing my jewels. Emerald green with deep amethyst? Sure! Blood red with bright turquoise? Certainly! Below is what I believe to be the right jewel tones for moi (et vous?)...all for less than 100 smackaroos!

(Clockwise from top left: Rodarte for Target Mesh Top with Bow, $24.99; Silence & Noise Satin Trouser, $19.99; CarriersCozyCottage's Vintage Large Grey Moonglow Rhinestone Earrings, $20; Forever21 Berry Platform Pump, $19.80; Deena & Ozzy Kisslock Clutch, $20)

Wear the blouse tucked into the pants to create an extremely flattering waistline. The neckline of the blouse also draws the eye up, if you want to further mask where your holiday leftovers have settled (I'm raising my hand). I used grey and black to help balance the look and to help the shoes look even more unexpected. And hopefully you won't need that clutch for your monies because the fellas will be buying your drinks all night long!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

If You Get a Wild "Hair"...

I don't have pierced ears. Well, not anymore at least.

I first got them pierced in the 1st grade (alert: WAY too young for a child to care for her ears). I mean, I could hardly even see over the bathroom counter for God's sake! So naturally, I neglected to take care of my lobes, and the holes that were once there sealed themselves up like a Ziploc bag. And then 3rd grade hit. I felt my coolness relied solely on getting my ears pierced once again, and here's where the story starts to sound like an LSD trip.

Every year at Christmas, a magical fairy visits my home on Dec. 23 and delivers pajamas for my family to wear on Christmas Eve. This has been a long-standing tradition at the Suggs home, one that I hope will continue when I have kids, when my kids have kids, etc. etc. Somehow the "Night Night Fairy" (as we call her) got word that I desperately wanted to get my ears pierced again. So that faithful Dec. 23 night in 1993, the Night Night Fairy not only left me pajamas but also permission to once again get my ears pierced!

Long story short: I don't have pierced ears. Lesson? Don't get pierced ears before age 15.

And what does this have to do with today's post? Well, the decorations I would place on my ears have now ended up on my scalp. No, I'm not hanging strings of baubles from my strands. I'm talking about hair wear! Click to's for your own good!

1. For the Ingénue - Urban Outfitters Beaded Applique Headwrap, $24
2. For the Flapper - Rachel Kinsey Designs Gatsby Headband, $32
2. For the Minimalist - Shlomitofir Golden Wings Headband, $20

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Tulle Success Story!

Just picked up the shirt above (in black and white gingham) from the Tulle sale for a whopping $3.99 (orig. $60)! Can't wait to wear it in the summer with white jeans. I love the length and the cut of it...good for hiding these here hips!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Don't Be Such a "Tulle" - Save Some Yen in 2010

Bargain basics clothing line, Tulle, is having an INSANE 1 day sale tomorrow (1/5/10) starting at noon, PCT. With knit tops starting at $2.99, dresses/skirts/shorts starting at $3.99 and coats starting at $4.99, you can afford a whole new wardrobe for 100andsouth!

(L to R: Angora Blend Ruffle Cardigan, $24 as of 11:30AM EST; Hammered Lawn Skirt, $22 as of 11:30AM EST; Variegated Cardigan, $19.20 as of 11:30AM EST)

I'll be interested to see how low these really go...happy hunting!