Thursday, January 7, 2010

If You Get a Wild "Hair"...

I don't have pierced ears. Well, not anymore at least.

I first got them pierced in the 1st grade (alert: WAY too young for a child to care for her ears). I mean, I could hardly even see over the bathroom counter for God's sake! So naturally, I neglected to take care of my lobes, and the holes that were once there sealed themselves up like a Ziploc bag. And then 3rd grade hit. I felt my coolness relied solely on getting my ears pierced once again, and here's where the story starts to sound like an LSD trip.

Every year at Christmas, a magical fairy visits my home on Dec. 23 and delivers pajamas for my family to wear on Christmas Eve. This has been a long-standing tradition at the Suggs home, one that I hope will continue when I have kids, when my kids have kids, etc. etc. Somehow the "Night Night Fairy" (as we call her) got word that I desperately wanted to get my ears pierced again. So that faithful Dec. 23 night in 1993, the Night Night Fairy not only left me pajamas but also permission to once again get my ears pierced!

Long story short: I don't have pierced ears. Lesson? Don't get pierced ears before age 15.

And what does this have to do with today's post? Well, the decorations I would place on my ears have now ended up on my scalp. No, I'm not hanging strings of baubles from my strands. I'm talking about hair wear! Click to's for your own good!

1. For the Ingénue - Urban Outfitters Beaded Applique Headwrap, $24
2. For the Flapper - Rachel Kinsey Designs Gatsby Headband, $32
2. For the Minimalist - Shlomitofir Golden Wings Headband, $20

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  1. Young and beautiful like you can pull this off. I've been seeing some of my 40ish friends w/ this look and it is not good. Who is that character Carol Burnette used to play w/ the headpiece and smeary eye make-up? Anyone remember? An aging actress...
    Let's just say that you will want to revisit earrings during this decade of your life! (and I would be happy to make you clip-ons if the piercing goes badly again!)