Monday, January 4, 2010

Don't Be Such a "Tulle" - Save Some Yen in 2010

Bargain basics clothing line, Tulle, is having an INSANE 1 day sale tomorrow (1/5/10) starting at noon, PCT. With knit tops starting at $2.99, dresses/skirts/shorts starting at $3.99 and coats starting at $4.99, you can afford a whole new wardrobe for 100andsouth!

(L to R: Angora Blend Ruffle Cardigan, $24 as of 11:30AM EST; Hammered Lawn Skirt, $22 as of 11:30AM EST; Variegated Cardigan, $19.20 as of 11:30AM EST)

I'll be interested to see how low these really go...happy hunting!

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