Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Fringe Benefits

Ah, fringe! From flirtatious flappers to fierce & formidable Indians, you've outfitted some of the most iconic characters of the last 200 years. How fitting that you should linger and grace us with your presence. After all, what screams "Happy New Year!" better than some swingy, eye-catching fringe (besides your drunk "sort-of" friend after her 6th glass of Prosecco). I have to say, the photo below is what inspired me to post on this topic, as I think it would be the IDEAL addition to your NYE get-up.

Elements that make this necklace awesome: the chunky gold chain, the leather as a canvas, the uneven "notice me!" layers, and the "not too big, not too small" size. Seriously, this necklace has got it going on! And so can you if you desire. Visit coolsister's page on Etsy to find this work of art and more like it. Oh, and at only $65, you'll have something else to brag about other than how damn good you look.

It's best to keep this look understated, so pair each fringe-infused item with toned down basics to get the maximum effect. More funked-up fringe ideas below!

(L to R: LaRok Necklace T-Shirt, $68.10; DearGoldenVintage Gold Spun Fringed Wrap, $26; Free People Velvet Fringe Jacket, $49.95)

Monday, December 28, 2009

Hold Me Closer, Tiny Floral

I grew up on a street that was unpaved until I was about 8 years old, about 10 minutes from a grocery store or any major intersection (or at least one with a stop light). I envied my friends who lived in easily they could just walk or bike down the street to play with each other! But in my favor, I had the deep, dark woods and the field across the street all to myself, and there were days that I spent hours after rushing out of school at 3PM to tie dandelions into crowns and bracelets for myself. When I see tiny vintage floral prints, somehow I reminded of these seemingly endless afternoons under the eastern North Carolina sun, gaining my independence with every last dandelion tied around my skinny little wrist!

These 100andSouth finds bring me that same comfort and warmth, all while keeping me comfortable and warm! How 'bout that!

Clockwise from top left: Anthropologie Country Manor Top, $68; Sauce Star Floral Tank, $58; ModCloth Pansy Cline Dress, $47.99; Heritage 1981 Faded Rose Sweater Cardigan, $26.90; Forever21 Satin Blossom Headband $4.80; Anthropologie Early Blooms Tee, $78; ModCloth In Full Bloom Necklace $27.99

*Perk! is doing an extra 20% off their 50-70% off items until tomorrow night. Don't be a pansy...jump on it!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

ASOS Stands for "Awesome Savings On Stuff"!

Well, at least in my head, that's what it stands for. I just discovered this incredibly wallet-friendly website through my Who What Wear emails. Asos is like a bigger and higher priced has everything from puffy winter jackets to real leather over-the-knee leather boots, with brands ranging from Ben Sherman, Betsey Johnson, Dolce Vita, French Connection and Wayne.

I've picked out a few of my fave 100andSouth finds, so feast your eyes on these beautiful and well-priced items (only after you've feasted on every cheeseball and cheesecake square in sight, of course!):

(Clockwise L to R: ASOS Hinge Lock Classic Satchel, $42.49; Mango Loop Yarn Knit Shrug, $57.79; Dents Snake Effect Leather Gloves, $50.99; Vera Moda Sequin Scallop Collar Dress, $47.59)

So you might not have time to give Santa your ASOS additions to your Christmas list, but hey, there's always New Years Eve...treat yourself to a new sparkly sumpin' sumpin' for the occasion and knock 'em dead!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Need Warmth? Don't Sweat( It!

Can someone tell me what the hay is going on with the temps in Atlanta? One minute it's hot flashing like a 43-year-old housewife and the next minute it's freezing like Joan Rivers's face. Regardless, we're stuck in the chill-zone currently, and I'm on the prowl for nubby warm fuzzies (if you don't speak baby talk, translation: "sweaters").

There are plenty of options out there if you're into 100andSouth, and since I am in a stripe-loving phase, you'll notice a theme...
(Clockwise from top left: Cardigan by Lynne Hiriak Striped Boatneck Sweater, $98; Urban Outfitters Kimichi Blue Stripe Sweater Tunic, $42; Aqua Cashmere Ruffled Chiffon Cardigan, $82.88 with promo code; Banana Republic Striped Cowlneck Sweater, $98)

I'm on the hunt for some similar goodness, so holler back if you can find more sweaters to draw the eye up and away from my hips. Ciao!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Ho-Ho-Hoooly Crap! Savings Galore!

I love a deal, but I'm not going to stand in line 4 hours before the doors open and subject myself to Jack Frost nipping at my nose to save some green (unless we're talking about Beanie Babies in '96...GUILTY). But I will scour the internet for any and every relevant coupon code, and the best resource that I've found is RetailMeNot. Before you do ANY online shopping, you must check here to see if your retailer of choice is running and promos. Let me capitalize on my slightly shorter than average height and "elf myself"by roundin' up these codes:

(That's me...elfing myself & roundin' up. Yep, I took it there.)

Revolve Clothing : Use code INSTYLE for 20% off
Bloomingdales: Use code SITM20 for 20% off already reduced (20-40% off) prices
Fred Flare: Use code PSW30 for 30% off
Urban Outfitters: Use code CHEERUP for 15% off
French Connection: Use code FCFF09 for 30% off
Banana Republic: Use code BRHOL20 for 20% off $100 or more purchase
Forever21: Use code HOLIDAY for 10% off $40 or more purchase
Payless Shoes: Use code 30241 for 15% off

And now for an outfit made in 100andSouth heaven at $98.72:
(Prices reflect applied discount codes: Fred Flare bib necklace, $18.20; Love21 Pleat Waist Sweater Dress, $25.02; Aqua Studded Wool Gloves, $21.28; Urban Outfitters "Stained Glass" Tights, $11.90; Forever21 Platform Booties, $22.32 )

Though I can't tell you when these codes expire, I can tell you "Don't F yourself (not to be confused with 'elf yourself'), and start saving!"

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Well-Priced Pucci

If you haven't signed up for updates from, you best get on it. is an extension of, perhaps the most drool-worthy clothing site on the WWW, which provides last season's items (clothing, shoes, jewelry, etc.) for this economy's price-range! Check out the fantastic Emilio Pucci items that just hopped off the boat, all for under $100!
(Left to Right: Vivara cosmetic bag, orig. $230, now $80.50; Allessandro-print silk scarf, orig. $175, now $61.25; Printed leather gloves, orig. $210, now $73.50)

These items are sure to sell out before you can "Fettuccine Alfredo", but let this be a lesson that if you act fast on, you might end up with a timeless treasure!

*Perk! is currently having an end of season sale. While most of these items are over $100, you still might snag a super deal just in time for your next holiday party!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Cue the Steel Drums

Currently, Calypso's website is BRIMMING with deals and steals, bringing me great joy because I love a bargain (no doy); and bringing me great pain because it's colder than Tiger Woods' side of the bed here in Atlanta today. So even though I'll have to wait to indulge in some of these goodies 'til spring time (South Beach in March...what whaaat!), I'll express my daydreams via blogging.
(Left to right: Calypso Iowa Dress, orig. $195, now $99; Calypso Julia Dress, orig. $175, now $69; Calypso Jenny Tunic, orig. $195, now $69)

Surely supplies are limited, so act fast, and plan a trip the Caribbean if you can. And take me with you. Thanks. Your friend, Genna

*Perk! As if this deal couldn't get any better, use code HOL9 to get $25 off any order of $50 or more!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Rope is DOPE!*

*(does anyone still say this? And if you do, won't you join me in continuing the legacy of "dag" and "rad"?)

Ropes are probably one of the most useful tools in all of humankind. Like the wheel...the pulley...the hair straightener...the rope helps us thrive and makes things easier in so many ways, yet it's just so damn simple (on the surface). But when you stop and think about it, a rope is really a combination of hundreds of thousands of smaller threads, and in turn, we get a product that helps us pull back curtains on Broadway, tie yachts and jet skis to piers, and hang a bear bag (anyone?).

But hark! We're seeing a new, unexpected trend with rope in the pages on popular fashion mags and on the windows of websites for shopping.
Take this extremely awesome bib necklace from Aragonltd's shop on Etsy, available for $85. I love everything about this necklace: the metal chain, the "wormy" structure of the rope, the unexpected hot pink color. To me, it's about taking the rope and twisting it into something so unique and fashion-forward. Pair it with your trusty black tank top, jeans and boots, and you're off!
Why knot follow this trend by snagging the goodies above? (Left to right: Reform School's Dip-Dyed Rope Bracelet, $70; Urban Outfitters Rope Necklace, $19.99; Fred Flare Braided Rope Cuff, $12. Please click to enlarge images.) Be sure to "tie one on" at some holiday parties while you're at it (you may take that however you like).

*Perk! Reform School's Dip-Dyed Bracelet is 20% off when you use RSIMPLE. Ready. Set. Go!