Monday, December 28, 2009

Hold Me Closer, Tiny Floral

I grew up on a street that was unpaved until I was about 8 years old, about 10 minutes from a grocery store or any major intersection (or at least one with a stop light). I envied my friends who lived in easily they could just walk or bike down the street to play with each other! But in my favor, I had the deep, dark woods and the field across the street all to myself, and there were days that I spent hours after rushing out of school at 3PM to tie dandelions into crowns and bracelets for myself. When I see tiny vintage floral prints, somehow I reminded of these seemingly endless afternoons under the eastern North Carolina sun, gaining my independence with every last dandelion tied around my skinny little wrist!

These 100andSouth finds bring me that same comfort and warmth, all while keeping me comfortable and warm! How 'bout that!

Clockwise from top left: Anthropologie Country Manor Top, $68; Sauce Star Floral Tank, $58; ModCloth Pansy Cline Dress, $47.99; Heritage 1981 Faded Rose Sweater Cardigan, $26.90; Forever21 Satin Blossom Headband $4.80; Anthropologie Early Blooms Tee, $78; ModCloth In Full Bloom Necklace $27.99

*Perk! is doing an extra 20% off their 50-70% off items until tomorrow night. Don't be a pansy...jump on it!

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