Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Rope is DOPE!*

*(does anyone still say this? And if you do, won't you join me in continuing the legacy of "dag" and "rad"?)

Ropes are probably one of the most useful tools in all of humankind. Like the wheel...the pulley...the hair straightener...the rope helps us thrive and makes things easier in so many ways, yet it's just so damn simple (on the surface). But when you stop and think about it, a rope is really a combination of hundreds of thousands of smaller threads, and in turn, we get a product that helps us pull back curtains on Broadway, tie yachts and jet skis to piers, and hang a bear bag (anyone?).

But hark! We're seeing a new, unexpected trend with rope in the pages on popular fashion mags and on the windows of websites for shopping.
Take this extremely awesome bib necklace from Aragonltd's shop on Etsy, available for $85. I love everything about this necklace: the metal chain, the "wormy" structure of the rope, the unexpected hot pink color. To me, it's about taking the rope and twisting it into something so unique and fashion-forward. Pair it with your trusty black tank top, jeans and boots, and you're off!
Why knot follow this trend by snagging the goodies above? (Left to right: Reform School's Dip-Dyed Rope Bracelet, $70; Urban Outfitters Rope Necklace, $19.99; Fred Flare Braided Rope Cuff, $12. Please click to enlarge images.) Be sure to "tie one on" at some holiday parties while you're at it (you may take that however you like).

*Perk! Reform School's Dip-Dyed Bracelet is 20% off when you use RSIMPLE. Ready. Set. Go!

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