Friday, November 13, 2009

Locket to Me...

I believe there is something so special and sincere about a beautiful locket. Vintage lockets, by nature, must come with a story, and it is up to us to concoct such tales in our head should we not know the history of such a treasure. Lockets remind me of a slower time when all you had was your man's photo while he was cell phone calls, no texting, no emailing. You could whisper your thoughts into the open clasp, shut your eyes tightly and just "know" he heard you.

The locket I wear frequently (seen above) came from my Grandma Ginny, for whom I am named. There is something so comforting and familiar to me when I hear that "click" of the locket, so soothing and serene.

I wish to share this simple pleasure and treasure with you today, as I feature the following affordable lockets. Below we have a $24 locket with the central filigree, reminiscent of a Celtic symbol, thoughtfully placed on top of a dime:
Looking for a more dainty, feminine look? Urban Outfitters offers this intricate bird and jewel combo to store all your secrets in for $24 as well (loving the detail of the nose-to-nose birdies!):
Not all lockets have to be round as we see with this tiny notebook-esque locket, hailing from NewFashionWhisper's shop on Etsy, and it's only a cool $27 to have and to hold.

Behold this Slane & Slane-rivaling bumblebee locket for $30, available at verabel's Etsy store. This vendor carries an array of lockets, so please entertain yourself and "lock one down" as you simply need such a timeless treasure!
Finally, you'll be able to tell the time AND turn heads by sporting this totally multi-functional avian accent piece, complete with decorated facade and an interior watch. It's like the Swiss Army knife of lockets! Available at for $22:

(and the inside, below)

These fabulous and inexpensive finds also make great presents as the holidays approach. Fill the inside with a photo or two of something you know your recipient will love: her dog, cat, car, bike, etc.!

*Perk! All items on are 30% off until midnight tonight; so get hoppin' and start shoppin' - for less!


  1. Serendipity!
    Not only did I "meet" a new friend tonight (you), but I found a locket.
    I was looking in my vendor catalogs for lockets not more than an hour ago but they were all too formal for my hip 19 year old daughter. I will get her the bee.

    I'm glad Laura told me about you!

  2. well. shoot.
    the bee locket is sold out. as of today.
    Must have been one of your fans.

  3. love my urban outfitters silver birdy locket!! thanks for the heads up roomie. xoxo