Monday, November 23, 2009

Give Rainy Days "the Boot"!

Believe it or not, I have an "outdoorsy" side equally as large (if not larger) than my "fashionista" side (and I'm not even sure I can call myself that, but for lack of a synonym, I'll stick to it). So when I roll out of bed looking like Molly Shannon's impersonation of Courtney Love and see those few drops of rain chilling on my windowpane, I say a little flem-coated "woo hoo!" and head for my closet to merge my two personalities. No, I don't always lace up my black Laura Croft-looking REI boots, and no, I don't always zip up my high tech Arc'teryx softshell and head for the Smokies to go hiking. But I do find my middle ground, where function meets form, and I embrace the usefulness of a good raincoat.
I wouldn't mind rocking this $89.99 London Fog trench, maybe with a skinny belt over top so I don't look too much like Grandma?
Or maybe try out this extremely useful trench from Forever 21 for $29.80. So what if it doesn't have a hood? Splurge on a cutesy umbrella, and hit the streets!

Finally, perhaps your best bet when it's wet is a sturdy pair of rain boots to protect those tootsies! Whether you're looking for something just to compliment your outfit or to be the centerpiece of your ensemble, you'll find no shortage of affordable rain boots by poking around online.
Go English-countryside classic with a pair of $79.99 Hunter boots (reg. $115)...found 'em for a steal at!

Rain boots that boost! I think these Jeffrey Campbell wedge heel rain boots for $64.95 would be super sleek when it's slick.
Finally, Jeffrey Campbell does it again with these funky, over-the-knee boots ($64.90), sure to be the start of every conversation! Call me crazy, but if you sport these, you might even look forward to a dreary day!

*Perk! Get 10% off all regularly priced items at, where you can find tons of cute rain boots, most for less than $100. Just enter coupon code "thanks" to receive your discount!

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