Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Not Too Shabby!

Thank you, Craigslist.

You've helped me sell jeans that no longer fit (dang it)...you've helped me avoid work by looking at the missed connections in every city I've lived in (admit it, you're guilty too)...and just when I thought your 1992-looking face couldn't get any sweeter, you brought me Laura Whitlow.

While searching for some well-priced, "shabby chic" furniture, I came across Laura's ad, which linked to her website "Rethunk Junk" (the name is just as adorable as she is). We struck up a friendship after we discovered we share interests in money-saving, Anthropologie knobs and sarcasm.

(me and the Rethunk Junkie, Laura!)

After visiting her lovely home (and super cute family of 7!), Clark & I came away with quite a few steals (I have always wanted to use the term "embarrassment of riches" but something about that sounds...embarrassing), with each thoughtfully-distressed piece averaging right around $50, like this bedside table. I can hear the drool drippin'.
The shabby chic look has always appealed to me...I suppose its my love for vintage goods combined with an adoration for countryside living. Here are a few pieces to help you go from drab to fab & shabby chic!
$24 Picture Frame, available at impulseART's Etsy store (for all your favorite Chapel Hill memories, perhaps).
Finally, I just love this $33.50 Mason jar Wall Organizer/Bud Vase combo from Post Road Vintage's store on Etsy. Chic, creative and affordable = recipe for my affection.

*Perk! Get free shipping on your shabby chic findings at Target when you spend $50 or more!


  1. My friend, Laura of re-thunk junk, sent me your blog site and mentioned I would like your writing. She was right. And I totally agree with your description of her. If only I had more room in my house for her creations! (the cabinet in my studio is fetching, however)

  2. Hi Genna,

    Thanks so much for stopping by found studio. Your blog is GREAT! LOVE those mason jars...such a pretty blue.


  3. Love the mason jar combo piece. What a nifty invention!!