Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A Sassy "Sequins" of Events...

If we were playing a word association game a year ago and the word "sequins" came up, my immediate response might have been "DANCING WITH THE STARS"! But you don't have to be a has-been teen witch TV actress or someone who has made your fortune by releasing a sex tape to rock this trend anymore! The best part of this bling thing is that you can take it as little or as far as you want, staying true to yourself and your own sense of style (and that's rule #1 in my book)!Take this $78 Free People sequin mini no way would you ever find me walking down the streets of Midtown in this get-up. If I was standing on the corner of Piedmont & 10th waiting to cross the sidewalk, people 'round here might get the wrong impression.
BUT! If paired with a long black cardi ($39.50,, chunked up grey tights ($12, and some mid-calf booties ($36.99,, you will avoid looking like you jumped out of the flapper episode of "Gossip Girl."
Also, if you're feeling like sequins can be a little too loud, consider layering your them underneath something sheer to create a peek-a-boo effect, as demonstrated here with a $64 BB Dakota silver blouse (underneath) & a $78 Kensie sleeveless chiffon blouse (on top), available at Sonny B in Wilmington (these brands can also be found at and if you're viewing from afar...which would be amazing and would mean that you found this blog on your own and not because I sent out a mass email to everyone I know).

*Perk! Sweaters and hoodies (like the cardigan featured) are buy one get one half off at you no longer have to feel guilty about buying one for you and one for your sister for Christmas!

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