Monday, February 8, 2010

100andSouth Classy-fieds

As I have expressed to y'all many times, Gilt Groupe is a bit of an obsession for me. I write down the best sales in my planner so that I won't forget them and make absolutely CERTAIN I'm at my computer at 11:58AM (the trick is just keep re-loading the page until the sales pop up, but I digress...) But recently, one of my buys (which was an extremely well thought-out, non-impulse buy I might add)...well...bit me in the ass to put it delicately.

Below is an absolutely gorgeous size 4 Tibi cocktail dress..."tribal" inspired beading creating an empire waist-line, 2 layers of chiffon fabric, tags still intact. A fabulous find indeed, but sadly it does not fit and cannot be altered. I desperately need to sell it, so in true 100andsouth fashion, I'd like to offer it to any of you lovely ladies (or men if that's your thing...I won't tell) for $40. And I will pay for the shipping! Let me know if you have any interest by emailing me at ...happy Monday!

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