Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Long and SHORT of It

Ah, summer clothing. Ethereal floral prints, wispy tank tops, caramel brown sandals...these are a few of my favorite things.

But SHORTS? Not so much.

I probably own 3 good pairs of shorts, all three hand me downs from my sister. All 3 have been beat to hell by the both of us so that they don't constrict my legs and suffocate my poor ankles. I dread that first moment when you try on a pair of new shorts, and it's like you have two rubberbands latched on to your thighs!

But I have a Theory to my problem.


Or should I say, Theory has become the solution to my problem after I discovered these shorts on sale at Tootsie's in Atlanta for $95.

Seem pricey to you even at $95 for a pair of shorts? Well, while mine came in an army green color for half the price of the khaki ones above, I have worn them well over a half a dozen times since buying them 2 weeks ago. The amount of usage I've gotten out of these shorts helps explain my theory of P.P.W.

What am I talking about?

Why, it's "Pay Per Wear" of course! You know you've gotten the most bang for your buck when you divide the number of times you've worn the item from the price it originally cost you. That's why in some instances, it's okay to splurge on that $350 DVF wrap dress- as long as plan on wearing it for the rest of your same dress size life.

So sure, I was only only $5 away from my maximum, but after sporting the heck out of those shorts in less than a month, I'd say it was a GREAT purchase.

What are some of your most valuable P.P.W. items in your closet?


  1. Good find, Beince! I might need a pair!!! I'd say the best cost-per-wear item I have is my metallic Botkier bag. Yes, it was a bit pricey (purchased with part of a tax return, if I may add), but I have seriously used it every single day since I bought it in April of 2009. Eighteen months later, it still looks as good as new and even gets compliments every now and then...Well worth it. Thank you, US Treasury.

  2. I agree that a handbag is one of the best P.P.W. items you can find. That's why it'd be totally justifiable for me to buy a Balenciaga bag, right?!

  3. Pay Per Wear - P.P.W. What a great term! I'll have to keep that in mind from here on out.