Thursday, February 10, 2011

Workin' Hard, Hardly Workin'

So sorry for the tardiness of my posts recently. I am going to try and get back on the blog train, though I will admit I may not be able to post as often as I had been before moving to Asheville.

I have been doing a couple guests posts, however, to whet your literary whistle.

"Top 11 Places to Shop for a Good Deal" on Savoir Flair

"A Day in the Life at Moondance Adventures" at Moondance Adventures' Blog

Updates? Well, Clark and I are getting settled in quite nicely in Asheville. I've been doing most (well pretty much all) my shopping at Constance, the best consignment shop ever in South Asheville. Can't wait to document some of my recent finds which include a long, formal Nicole Miller black gown for $55, black Theory velvet trousers for $14.50 and a slew of majorly discounted Michael Stars tees!

Weekends are definitely spend outside these days. Here are a couple iPhone shots from our hike of Max Patch and part of the Appalachian Trail outside of Hot Springs, NC.

Clark stands atop Max Patch, facing south

Triangulation marker atop Max Patch

Gorgeous view point from the side of Max Patch, on the Appalachian Trail

I look forward to getting into more of a routine with the blog, but for now, I'm focusing most of my energies on my job here at Moondance Adventures. We're approaching 200 students already for this summer's trips, and it feels good to work so hard.

Also doesn't hurt that I have this photo by my computer for motivation...

Photo from Net-a-porter

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