Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Becoming the Bag Lady

I've never been one of those girls to possess a ton of handbags. I tend to buy a bag & stick with it for the majority of the year (read: until the bottom of the damn thing becomes brownish, grayish with dirt. Just ask my Herve Chapelier bag, circa '05-'07...RIP "Chap"). But something has come over me, dear readers! I'm realizing you don't have to spend a ton of a cash for your carryall, so you can afford to switch it up if you dote on a tote. I've always been one for neutral colors so I can hold my little ones near and dear year-round.

Call me boring, but I'm seriously sweating these neutral knapsacks for a 12 month span of sportin'.
(From Left: Forever 21 Flap Down Hobo Bag, $30.80; Spiegel Patent Tote, $44 (comes in three other springy colors too!); ASOS Side Zip Slouch Bag, $51.28)

Trust me, a bright green bag for spring time is tons of fun, but if you want a friend forever, go with neutrals like those shown above. And here's a tip: don't be afraid to buy from a discount site like Gilt, HauteLook or RueLaLa...buying accessories is so much easier than opening up that UPS box and finding out those jeans don't fit (...because they're too big, of course)!

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