Friday, March 19, 2010

Taking In "The View"

Ever since Bob Barker stopped hosting "The Price Is Right", my interest in daytime TV went south. Don't get me wrong, I love starting my day with Meredith, Matt, Al and Ann on the "Today" show, but once Hoda & Kathie Lee come on at's all over for me (but trust me, you'll want to click the link).

So imagine my surprise when I was bored as hell waiting for an oil change and saw Marisa Tomei sporting these gorgeous nude booties on "The View"!
Simply LOVING their skeletal yet feminine look, I shrieked with glee realizing that we have a pair at by Anna Michelle at fab'rik that give Miss Tomei a run for her money.
Not only do these shoes completely elongate your leg (as most skin-toned heels will!), but I'm telling you, they are the most comfortable shoes I own! (What? Like you really thought I hadn't bought them already?) And for $36, this is trend you can easily follow...guilt-free!


  1. Genna I love these! Where can I find them now with that steal of a price?


  2. I just tried to find them on the internet...nowhere to be found! We sell them at the boutique where I work, so depending on what size you are, I can get them for you at the store and ship 'em!