Tuesday, May 4, 2010

These Boots Were Made for Savin'

Loeffler Randall Marti Buckle Boots, available at shopbop.com for $626.50 (on sale)

I will never forget the first time I spotted a pair of Loeffler Randall boots. My sister-in-law's impeccably chic friend Elizabeth was sporting a wonderfully wedged camel colored pair with a super-cool vest to top off the outfit. At that moment, I was hooked like the fashion-crazed fish I am. It just takes a bit of swimming around to find the (almost) equivalent at a lower price!

Since moving to Atlanta, I have visited the consignment shop Labels Resale Boutique several times (thanks to another impossibly chic friend named Elizabeth, coincidentally!) to whet my whistle for, what I like to call, "the thrill of the chase." There is something so rewarding to me about digging through racks and piles and boxes of inventory to find that special something...a seriously under-priced Bottega Veneta bag, an Hermes belt, a pair of Missoni flats.

One faithful day a few weeks ago, I did not quite make my Loeffler Randall digs dreams come true, but I did come pretty darn close. Check out these G-series moto boots I snagged for $30. An ounce more leather and I might convince myself I can handle a Harley.

In the past several weeks, I've worn these puppies more times than I can count, thanks to some rather erratic weather we've been experiencing. The colder temps lasting long into spring were almost...dare I say...enjoyable because I got to sport these boots for a little while longer than expected. Sure, they'll sit in the back of the closet as we'll soon fry eggs on the sidewalk in Atlanta. But for now, I've got a pretty cocky grin on my face for finding such a bitchin' pair of boots!

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  1. I love you Genna Harris and your incredibly awesome blog!