Monday, March 8, 2010

Lela Rose Is a Rose Is a Rose

There are many things I love in this world. And I know "love" is a strong word, but it doesn't even begin to describe how strongly I feel about my parents, sister, husband, in-laws and sweet pup (a black lab named Monroe...the most handsome dog in the universe).

In terms of fashion, I happen to love a Texas-born designer by the name of Lela Rose. To me, she epitomizes the definition of southern elegance. Her looks are prim and proper without being stuffy or matronly; she's conservative with a twist...a plunging back here, a mesh panel or thoughtful pleat there. So naturally, I chose Ms. Roses's handiwork for the most important day of my life thus far, my wedding day!

(The result? My all-time favorite dress I've ever worn, above!)

But I'd be foolish to think I could afford this look everyday (and if you can, may I suggest you check out my sister-in-law's store Vermillion in Raleigh, NC)! But lately I've seen some nods to the craft that is Lela Rose's. Her Spring 2010 Fashion show presented extremely wearable pieces in cheerful colors.
Inspired by the two beautiful looks above, I found the following pieces to help recreate the timelessness & easily mix-and-matchable style of the sweetest flower in fashion!
Leave it to Forever21 to nod to Lela's looks with whispy prints and bold hues. It seems as though this $27.80 blush linen blazer could be an essential piece to usher you into spring! (Chiffon Leveled Dress, $27.80, Watercolor Flower Dress, $24.80)

Any of these shoes would serve you well with the above pieces. Even Lela herself supports thrifty finds, with those $34.99 fuchsia pumps (middle, above) available at Payless. The most versatile find today are these $28 Twist Buckle Gladiator Sandals (left, above), tough enough for dancing on the lawn at your favorite concert but polished enough to wear to a bridesmaids luncheon. And finally, these $39 Blowfish Denim Flats (right, above) perhaps speak to Lela's trademark pleats so much so that I must give them their own close-up, Mr. Deville.
(Left: $39 Blowfish Flats at; Right: $950 Lela Rose Sheath at

Remember, even if you can't afford your favorite designer, you can afford to be inspired and find the looks for less. It's the thrill of the chase that excites me!

What designer trends are out there now that you'd like to recreate for 100andsouth?


  1. Laundry and Maggy London shift dresses! Especially the Maggie London Beaded Metallic Jacquard Shift Dress.

  2. Just googled that dress, Liza! Does it only come in white? That would be a killer wedding dress for a more casual wedding. Love the unexpected features on the back! Thanks, as always, for reading my blog :)

  3. I think it only comes in white. I tried to find it in another color, but had no luck.

  4. LOVE Lela Rose! Thank You so much for your sweet words! It is so good to 'meet' my readers and fans! Please come by next time you are in Charleston. Great blog xo