Tuesday, September 14, 2010

In Business!

When a store goes out of business, it's a somber thing. The local economy suffers and the boutique community mourns another fallen comrade. We've seen it again and again in the past two years, and it's never pretty.

So what good can come of this?


R.I.P. Lexie & Jane on E Paces Ferry in Atlanta! HELLO $35 Rosegold booties! Originally over $250, these babies were love at first sight when I came across the tent sale outside the now-under construction Lexie and Jane location. Can't wait to see what the new owners do with the space!

I've already rocked them out to dinner with the hubs. Looking forward to glamming them up with black tights and an LBD in the fall! Bring on the chillier temps!


  1. Gorgeous!! Oh and I am so ready for cooler weather. Sigh...break out the sweaters!

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  3. Get outtt, those are amazing. Slouchy boots and tights are my cold weather staples!