Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Primary Patterns

While shopping in my old college stomping grounds in Chapel Hill this past weekend, I came across a refreshing new consignment shop, Limelight, on Franklin Street (where Modern Times used to be). Admittedly, I was a little sad to see Modern Times go. My sister and I purchased multiple sentimental items here when we were younger...most importantly, my sissy's Sue Wong white gown that she wore for her high school graduation (not to mention countless shimmery Michael Stars tops, which were all the raise back in the early 2000s!

But I was ecstatic to see some top notch brands in the form of gently used clothing at this new spot. There was an aqua Gucci clutch, a favorite of my sister-in-law's. I found a perfectly preserved Chloe Paddington bag for an unbelievable price too! (Not 100andSouth but low enough that I felt okay asking my parents for it for my birthday - fingers crossed!)

I wanted to scoop up several items in the store but only left with one...a perfectly patterned geometric shift dress by Banana Republic. Long sleeved but lightweight, this frock is fitting for fall temps!

I've paired it with my Tulle sergeant trench, a vintage red belt and some eggplant Marc by Marc Jacobs flats for the office. Hi-ho, it's off to work I go!