Friday, October 29, 2010

Naming Names: Stella & Dot

Are you familiar with the names Stella & Dot? I had heard a little about their jewelry line about a year ago, but I never gave it much thought. It seemed to me like a cheesy, tupperware party type of gimmick. I wasn't sure what type of "style" could be found in something that seemed, on the surface, generic and...old-ladyish.

This was all until my friend Margaret became a Stella & Dot stylist. Marg is one of the cutest, most put together girls I know, so I had to come see the goods for myself when she and my friend Bethany hosted a trunk show earlier this week.

I was amazed by all the goodies she had for us to play with and try on! These pieces ranged from the uber-preppy pearls and diamonds (not necessarily my thing) to the gloriously art deco and vintage (now we're talking).

Heirloom Deco Bracelet, $89

Stella Vintage Link Bracelet, $79

So, I'm partial to bracelets, as you can see. But there are more ooooh and ahhh worthy accessories here to showcase.

Garden Party Chandelier Earrings, $54

Penelope Necklace, $69

Of course, you know I couldn't walk away from Bethany's trunk show empty I treated myself to a sweet little 14K gold charm bracelet to add to my stack of bangles. Here's a janky photo of my new addition:

I'm looking forward to adding on to my charm bracelet with charms like these:

Initial Charms, $34

Whimsical Charms, $39 (I especially love the feather charm!)

I can't wait to see what new styles Stella & Dot comes up with in the coming month. I guarantee my new charm bracelet won't be my only purchase from them!

Have you ever bought anything from Stella & Dot? What are your favorite pieces? And if you like what you see here or on the Stella & Dot website, please don't hesitate to contact my girl Margaret Bracey...she's at and would be happy to order any beautiful baubles for you!

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